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Crop Insurance

Crops like Paddy. Vegetables, Fruits, Cash Crops, and Spices used for domiciliary or commercial purposes can be insured under Crop policy.

What’s covered?

  • Fire/Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood/ Inundation
  • Landslide/Soil erosion
  • Typhoon/ Hailstone/Snow
  • Accident
  • Disease

Eligible Quantity/ Maximum Sum Insured

The minimum area required for Crop insurance is a minimum 4 Anna In Hilly area and ½ Kattha  in Terai area. The maximum sum insured of the crop will be determined by the statical data of the Nepal Government Ministry of Agriculture for the insured crop recommended by the Technician.

What’s required for claim?

  • Written claim intimation letter
  • Fully filled claim form
  • Recommendation letter from concerned technician
  • Recommendation from local authority
  • Witness, Sarjamin Muchulka
  • Recommendation letter subject related department office
  • Photographs of loss object/area
  • Cause and estimate of loss with a recommendation letter from the concerned authority.
  • Procedure on activities applied to check the immediate loss.
  • Treatment history having Diagnosis (Lab report) Prescription for treatment and bills of prescribed medicine.
  • Report of concern Technician with detail of loss measurement and amount
  • Detail of input cost up to the date of loss
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