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Home Insurance Proposal Form

Proposal Form Rules:

  1. All the questions mentioned in this form shall be answered by the proposer with proper reading and understanding.
  2. No lines, dots, or any kind of symbols shall be used while answering the questions.
  3. No blank space shall be used on answers and N/A shall be written in all those inappropriate questions or questions not requiring an answer.
  4. All the known matters shall be mentioned in full faith.

Proposal Form Conditions:

  1. The person filling the Proposal Form shall be understood as Proposer and in case of acceptance from the insurer,  the person shall be the Insured.
  2. The proposer can not fill up the Proposal Form under threat, coercion, or undue influence and the forms filled up under those conditions shall be rejected by the Insurer.
  3. All the information and details mentioned in the Proposal Form shall be kept safe and confidential by the Insurer.
  4. All the words used in the Proposal among the definition shall have the same meaning but in the case of others, it shall be used as per the general practice.