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Cattle Insurance

Cattle like Cow, Buffalo, Ox, Bull Yak, Chauri, Sheep, Lamb, Goat, Rams, Pig , Hose, Poultry, Fish, Bee etc farming for meat, breeding and cattle labor can be insured under this policy.

What’s covered ?

  • Fire/Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood/ Inundation
  • Landslide/Soil erosion
  • Typhoon/ Hailstone/Snow
  • Accident
  • Disease

What’s required for claim ?

  • Written claim intimation letter
  • Fully filled claim form
  • Recommendation letter from concerned technician
  • Recommendation from local authority
  • Witness, Sarjamin Muchulka
  • Recommendation letter subject related department office
  • Photographs of loss object
  • Cause of loss and detail of preventive measures taken to prevent the loss.
  • Procedure on activities applied to check the immediate loss
  • Treatment history having Diagnosis (Lab report) Prescription for treatment and bill of prescribed medicine.
  • Photographs of Claimed cattle ( with clear Tag No)
  • Cattle Tag
  • Photo of loss object while disposing
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