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Group Medical Insurance

Life is full of uncertainties. We never know what might happen at any moment. Group Medical Insurance indemnifies the insured’s expenses incurred during treatment if the insured shall undergo medical treatment due to sickness or bodily injury resulting from an accident.

What’s covered?

  • Cost of Doctor ,Physician, specialist’s fee
  • Cost of medicine, medical appliances, dressing
  • Cost of CT – Scan, X – Ray, ECG, USG, Pathological test, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture

What’s required to get insured?

  • Duly completed Proposal form
  • KYC form to be duly completed
  • Staff Details (Name, Designation, DOB)

What’s required for claim?

  1. Claim form duly completed by the claimant
  2. Attending doctor’s prescriptions and reports in original or photocopy.
  3. Original Cash bills (Tax invoice) incurred for treatment expenses.
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