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Personal Accident

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Accidents happen’ – the phrase in itself speaks a hundred words. While no value can be put on your life or on physical loss, a Personal Accident Policy can relieve you of the financial burden during such events. The policy can also provide weekly benefits for temporary total disablement. Whether you are an employer wishing to provide security for your staff or are self-employed and desirous of that added cushion of protection, a Personal Accident policy is a must.

We issued first policy on 1st December, 1993.

What is covered?

It covers losses incurred by the following if caused by an accident:

A. Death100% of Sum Insured Amount
B.a) Permanent Total Disablement.100% of SI
b)Total loss of both eyesights with completely incurable.100% of SI
c) Total loss of both wrist arms or both ankles of feet or physical disablement of the above portion of ankle.100% of SI
d) Total loss of one wrist arm or ankle of one foot and one eyesight.100% of SI
C.a) Total loss of one eyesight.50% of SI
b) Total loss of one wrist arm or ankle of one foot or physical disablement of the above portion of ankle.50% of SI
c) Total loss of ability to speak.50% of SI
d) Total loss of hearing in both ears.50% of SI
e) Total loss of hearing in one ear.20% of SI
f) Total loss of thumb of hand.20% of SI
g) Total loss of index finger of hand.15% of SI
h) Total loss of any other finger of hand.7% of SI per finger
i) Total loss of big toe of foot5% of SI
j) Total loss of any other toe of foot4% of SI per toe
k) Any other physical severancePercentage of sum insured amount in proportion to physical severances as declared by relevant specialist.
D.Temporary Total Disablement1% of Sum Insured amount per week (not exceeding weekly salary)
E.Medical Benefits (Accidental)Up to 10% of individual’s sum insured amount, maximum of Rs. 1, 00,000/-
F.Funeral ExpensesRs. 10,000/-
G.Funeral Transportation ExpensesRs. 10,000/-

What’s required to get insured?

  • Duly completed Proposal Form
  • KYC form to be duly completed
  • Copy of Citizenship

What’s required for claim?

In case of Injury

  1. Claim intimation(by letter or email)
  2. Claim form duly completed by the claimant with stamp
  3. Medical reports duly completed by the concerned doctor/hospital with stamp
  4. Attending doctors/hospital’s prescriptions/reports and discharge summary if admitted in original or copy.
  5. Original cash bills (tax invoice) incurred for treatment expenses.
  6. Confirmation about date of joining office by the injured staff after leave.
  7. Certified copy of attendance register/leave details
  8. Monthly salary of injured staff.

In case of Accidental Death

  1. Claim Intimation (by letter or email)
  2. Claim Form to be filled in by concerned office with official stamp/seal
  3. Attending doctors/hospital’s prescriptions/reports in original or copy.
  4. FIR Lodged on the concerned police authority.
  5. Original Police Report.
  6. Spot Investigation Report (SarjaminMuchulka.)
  7. Post-mortem Report.
  8. Death Registration Certificate.
  9. Dead Body Hand over Certificate (Las SadagatPurji.)
  10. Certificate of Relationship.
  11. Other relevant documents, if any.

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