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Terms and Conditions

  1. Disclosure to Information Norm If any untrue or incorrect statements are made or there has been a misrepresentation, mis-description or non-disclosure of any material particulars or any material information having been withheld, or if a Claim is fraudulently made or any fraudulent means or devices are used by the Policyholder, the Insured Person or any one acting on his or their behalf, the Company shall have no liability to make payment of any Claims and the premium paid shall be forfeited ab initio to the Company. In addition, I hereby agree to share all my personal information in the portal of Himalayan Everest Insurance and Company shall use the data as per company policy.
  2. Observance of Terms and Conditions The due observance and fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this Policy (including the realization of premium by their respective due dates and compliance with the specified procedure on all Claims) in so far as they relate to anything to be done or complied with by the Policyholder or any Insured Person, shall be Condition Precedent to the Company’s liability under the Policy.
  3. Material Change It is a condition precedent to the Company’s liability under the Policy that the Policyholder shall immediately notify the Company in writing of any material change in the risk on account of change in nature of occupation or business at his own expense The Company may adjust the scope of cover and / or the premium paid or payable, accordingly.
  4. No constructive Notice Any knowledge or information of any circumstance or condition in relation to the Policyholder or Insured Person which is in possession of the Company other than that information expressly disclosed in the Proposal Form or otherwise in writing to the Company, shall not be held to be binding or prejudicially affect the Company.
  5. Complete Discharge Payment made by the Company to the Policyholder or Insured Person or the nominee of the Policyholder or the legal representative of the Policyholder or to the Hospital, as the case may be, of any Medical Expenses or compensation or Benefit under the Policy shall in all cases be complete and construe as an effectual discharge in favor of the Company.
  6. Policy Disputes Any and all disputes or differences under or in relation to the validity, construction, interpretation and effect to this Policy shall be determined by the Nepal Courts and in accordance with Nepali laws.
  7. Renewal Terms
    1. This Policy will automatically terminate on the Policy Period End Date. All renewal applications should reach the Company on or before the Policy Period End Date.
    2. The premium payable on renewal shall be paid to the Company on or before the Policy Period End Date and in any event before the expiry of the Grace Period.
    3. For the purpose of this provision, Grace Period means a period of 30 days immediately following the Policy Period End Date during which a payment can be made to renew this Policy without loss of continuity Benefits. Coverage is not available for the period for which premium is not received by the Company and the Company shall not be liable for any Claims incurred during such period.
    4. The Company will ordinarily not refuse to renew the Policy except on grounds of fraud, moral hazard or misrepresentation or non-co-operation by the Insured.
    5. The Company may carry out underwriting in accordance with its underwriting policy in relation to any request for change in Sum Insured or Deductible at the time of renewal of the Policy.
    6. The Company may revise the renewal premium payable under the Policy. Revised rates shall be applied only prospectively thereafter for new policies and at the date of renewal for renewals.
  8. Termination The Company may at any time, cancel this Policy on grounds as specified in Clause ‘Disclosure to Information Norms’ by giving 15 days’ notice in writing by Registered Post Acknowledgment Due / recorded delivery to the Policyholder at his last known address and the Company shall have no liability to make payment of any Claims and the premium paid shall be forfeited and no refund of premium shall be effected by the Company.
    In case of demise of the Policyholder,
    1. Where the Policy covers only the Policyholder, this Policy shall stand null and void from the date and time of demise of the Policyholder. In case of no claim, proportionate premium for the unexpired period of this Policy shall be refunded
    2. Where the Policy covers other Insured Persons, this Policy shall continue till the end of Policy Period for the other Insured Persons. If the other Insured Persons wish to continue with the same Policy, the Company will renew the Policy subject to the appointment of a policyholder provided that:
      1. Written notice in this regard is given to the Company before the Policy Period End Date; and
      2. A person of Age 18 years or above, who satisfies the Company’s criteria applies to become the Policyholder.
  9. Limitation of liability Any Claim under this Policy for which the notification or intimation of Claim is received 12 calendar months after the event or occurrence giving rise to the Claim shall not be admissible.
  10. Communication Any communication meant for the Company must be in writing and be delivered to its address shown in the Policy Schedule. Any communication meant for the Policyholder will be sent by the Company to his last known address or the address as shown in the Policy Schedule. All notifications and declarations for the Company must be in writing and sent to the address specified in the Policy Schedule.
  11. Alterations in the Policy This Policy constitutes the complete contract of insurance. No change or alteration shall be valid or effective unless approved in writing by the Company, which approval shall be evidenced by a written endorsement signed and stamped by the Company. However, change or alteration with respect to increase/ decrease of the Sum Insured shall be permissible only at the time of renewal of the Policy.
    Out of all the details of the various Benefits provided in the Policy Terms and Conditions, only the details pertaining to Benefits chosen by policyholder as per Policy Certificate shall be considered relevant
  12. Records to be maintained The Policyholder or Insured Person shall keep an accurate record containing all relevant medical records and shall allow the Company or its representatives to inspect such records. The Policyholder or Insured Person shall furnish such information as the Company may require under this Policy at any time during the Policy Period or Policy Year or until final adjustment (if any) and resolution of all Claims under this Policy.
  13. Grievances The Company has developed proper procedures and effective mechanism to address complaints by the customers. The Company is committed to comply with the Regulations, standards which have been set forth in the Regulations, Circulars issued by the Authority from time to time in this regard.
    1. If the Policyholder / Insured Person has a grievance that the Policyholder / Insured Person wishes the Company to redress, the Policyholder / Insured Person may contact the Company with the details of the grievance through:
  14. If you cancel the travel policy, you’ll be charged Rs 500 as a cancellation fee. There’s also an extra cost for a stamp i.e. Rs 20, and the total amount will have Value Added Tax (VAT) added.

    The Policyholder/Insured Person may also approach the Company’s designated branches with the details of his/her grievance during the Company’s working hours from Sunday to Friday.